Racing 2020

  •  The 2020 Club Race Calendar has now been confirmed.

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    *The changes to this year’s rules include:



    •  Cycling Ulster regulations state ALL riders at BRC Time Trials MUST wear a number band on their left arm, as well as a large yellow number on the rear of their skinsuit/cycling shorts. These will be provided at Sign on and must be returned at the end of the event. Riders must also present their CI License at Sign on; this will be retained by BRC and given back when race numbers are returned at the end of the event. No return, no time.

    • The cost of sign on at all BRC club races is £5.




    • A minimum standard light must be used by ALL riders at TT's. These can be purchased from the BRC shop in Rex Bonar House at a cost of £10 OR will be available on race days at a cost of £12 at sign on. ALL lights will be inspected at Sign on by an appointed Club Official. The Club reserves the right to refuse entry where a riders light is not up to the required standard. Please see link below for our recommended light. This represents a minimum requirement for riders at sign on:



    The BRC 3 Day Event:   to be eligible for the overall 3 Day points, the 10TT MUST be ridden on a road bike, with no aero equipment including clip on bars or aero TT helmets. TT set up can be ridden otherwise.



    • BRC Road Racing League: Points will be awarded (10 pts – 1 pt) to the first 10 riders across the line, regardless of club. Points awarded to BRC riders will count towards the Road Racing League as usual, as well a Visiting Riders League. Points awarded to visiting riders will count towards the Visiting Riders League only. A £100 prize will be awarded to the overall winner of the Visiting Riders League (kindly sponsored by Mr John Maxwell).