2021 Club Clothing from Bioracer







The Bioracer range is comprised of two ranges for men, women and kids. They are:-


Race Proven Performance garments that have more panels for a tighter fit. They also have the latest fabrics before they are passed down to the Professional range. Some fabrics do cross over the two ranges and then the difference is all about fit with the Race Proven being the tight race fit that you see the pros in.


Professional This range is more about comfort and a relaxed fit. So this range covers more the recreational rider or club cyclist who isn't interested in saving 5w of power or just the rider who wants to be a bit more comfortable. The good thing about the two ranges is that the chamois in the shorts are the best one we do and they come in both ranges so you don't miss out on saddle comfort.


Some of our latest fabrics and videos with explanations are below:-

1. Pixel Technology Reflective technology that is fully printable (https://youtu.be/gB4uRLinQo)

2. Tempest Water repellent garment that is fully printable (https://youtu.be/Kg_oeoCs5DM)

3. Speedmaster TT Custom measured TT suit ( https://youtu.be/XSQob0CYWZQ)



We have a very extensive range that covers any climate or rider but some of the most popular, and the ones we recommend are the following:-



Race Proven Range


51358 S/S Race Proven Jersey Tight fit with lycra aero sleeves and reduced collar for optimum fit. 3 rear pockets as standard. (£63)


51344 S/S Race Proven Aero Jersey Tighter fit then the Race Proven Jersey. Has our speed silk body  and ribbed aero sleeves as you see on our Top end skinsuit. This top is essentially what you see in our Road Race Skinsuit. This is a top end garment. (£81)


51346 S/S Race Proven Spring Tempest This is our version of the gabba. It is fleece lined with an aero cut and is water repellent. This is great for the early season races or on the milder winter days teamed up with our tempest armwarmers (812 degrees). (£77)


51449 L/S Race Proven Tempest Long sleeve version of the spring tempest with wrist cuffs and race cut. Again it's water repellent and good for 812 degrees. You can also have this in a pixel version. (£82/£95)


51543 L/S Race Proven Combi Jacket Good solid winter jacket with tempest fabric and also windproof panels and again wrist cuffs. Higher collar to keep the cold out but is only 75% windproof to let some of the heat out. This comes with pixel on the jacket. Good for days down to 4 degrees. (£98)


51510 L/S Race Proven Winter Jacket For really cold temps under 5 degrees. You can have pixel on this down all the arms and back pockets. Great for the early starts or commuting. (£105/£114)


51580 L/S Race Proven Rainy Jacket Fully printable fold up rain jacket. With a high front and low back to keep that rain out also has a high collar to keep you warm. (£101)


51929 Race Proven Netz Back 2.0 Gilet No collar and lightweight windblock and net back to allow heat out. Also has inserts in the net back so you can get your hands into your jersey pockets. (£77)


52151 Bibshort Sirio 2.0 Good fitting short with many panels to it. Compression on the side panels and 2 inch leg gripper to keep the short in place. You can have this in a pixel version and also a longer leg for the taller people. (£77/£89)


52161 Bibshort Race Proven Tempest 2.0   These are fleece lined and water repellent. They come with the 2 inch leg gripper and are great for the early season races or with a pair of tempest leg warmers instead of wearing tights.(£89)


53543+ Bibtight Race Proven 2.0 Winter Tempest + PAD Water repellent tights that are fleece lined. Nice race cut fit and lycra stirrups to stop them riding up at the ankle. They are available without a pad too. (£114/£99)


53542+ Bibtight Race Proven Combi Tempest + PAD Mixture of water repellent panels and wind proofing around the vital areas like the bum and knees. Lycra stirrups to stop them riding up and also available without a pad. (£114/£99)


56560 S/S Race Proven Aerosuit Road Race 2.0 This is a skinsuit that has been adapted for road races for full aerodynamic performance. So it's very tight fitting and has our ribbed aero sleeves, speed silk body, two rear pockets and also 2 inch leg grippers. The top opens up like a jersey so is easy to get in and out. (£160)


56660 L/S Race Proven Aerosuit TT This is off the peg version of our world beating Speedmaster TT suit that has powered Tony Martin to World Championship Gold. This has our ribbed sleeves, speed silk body and longer legs for full aero purposes. (£171)



Professional Range


51380F S/S Professional Matrix Flatlock Jersey Our entry level jersey benefits from a simple cut, 3 rear pockets and the matrix fabric that allows you to transfer body heat efficiently. (£42)


51340F S/S Professional Bodyfit Flatlock Jersey This is one of the most common jerseys with a relaxed fit but benefits from lycra sleeves to give it that real smart look. Also with flatlock stitching it leaves no irritation on the skin from rubbing seams. (£46)


51369 S/S Professional Tempest Bodyfit Jersey This is the same as the race proven version but a more relaxed fit. It is water repellent and fleece lined and great with tempest armwarmers in the spring or a mild winter. (£63)


51428 L/S Professional Isolation Jersey Good solid l/s with a relaxed fit. Good for spring days and some winter days paired with a gilet to take the nip out of the air. Benefits from 3 rear pockets and elastic cuffs. 1015 degrees. (£51)


51368 L/S Professional Tempest Bodyfit Jersey Perfect for those damp days with its fleece lining and water repellent outer. With a relaxed fit this is great for days down to 7 degrees. (£69)


51439 L/S Professional Combi Jacket Good solid winter jacket with tempest fabric and also windproof panels and again wrist cuffs. Higher collar to keep the cold out but is only 75% windproof to let some of the heat out. Down to 5 degrees. (£87)


56458 L/S Professional Winter Jacket For really cold temps under 5 degrees and a nice relaxed fit. Ideal for commuting. Available with pixel and zip pocket. (£96/£118)


51422 Professional Windblock Netz Open Gilet High collar with windblock front and net back to let heat out and it also benefits from inserts in the net so you can get into your pockets underneath. (£59)


52132F Professional Lycra Elite Leggripper 2.0 Flatlock Bibshorts Relaxed fitting short based on lycra material now benefits from flatlock stitching to prevent irritation and also our 2 inch leg gripper to keep the short in place. (£65)


52133F Professional Tempest Elite Leggripper 2.0 Bibshorts Less panels than the Race Proven version but still benefit from the leggripper. These are fleece lined and water repellent. Perfect for the spring or wet weather. (£81)


53530+ Professional Tempest PAD + Bibtights Fleece lined and water repellent. Also benefits from a pad but is available without. (£80/£65)


56545F S/S Professional Aerosuit Lycra Elite Flatlock Our entry level skinsuit that benefits from the new and improved short with leggripper and also flatlock stitching. These can have a pocket in the rear also. This is available in L/S & S/S. (£105)



2021 Club Clothing from Bioracer